Connections Between Associative Trails

I think most of our section had a very similar thought process during the formation of the first nugget. Obviously we have never made a nugget before, so many students’ history showed them visiting other blog posts or somehow trying to figure out what exactly to do. Sarah Anderson’s blog reminded me of mine because little of the browser history showed our thought process on the nugget. Half of my history was on, and half of hers was on Twitter and other blogs trying to understand the assignment. Cabouniv200’s blog was also similar in that she was on other blogs and our group page most of the time. Finally The KahnQuest’s blog, with 3 pictures of browser history, was dissimilar to mine in that his was very long, but he had the same issue of going back and forth figuring out what to do.

Looking back at my nugget, I focused on how much information there is on the Internet, and after reading Stefani’s blog in particular, I realized I completely disregarded the amount of information in libraries. My nugget post can also be related to the huge variety of books in public, private, and city libraries. Many books are inconsequential (coloring books, picture books), and then there are the truly significant ones (classics) that reached the few “who were capable of grasping and extending it.”


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