Dreaming with Groupthink

My peers seem to have great topics to discover in the coming weeks, but I am sure I want to stick with Pandora. Dr. Coats did make me realize, however, that I need to specify a bit more on what part of Pandora would be best to research for the Inquiry Project. I’d like to look at Pandora’s marketing methods and business model in comparison to traditional radio stations and record labels. How does Pandora stay successful? How much money does Pandora make from advertisements versus the monthly membership rates? Do artists make money when their music is played on Pandora? I am now more curious than ever.


One response to “Dreaming with Groupthink

  1. jmc8qv

    Pandora (or any of the other online music hosting sites) are also a great opportunity to use the concept of associative trails in your final project: every time you listen to a tagged/categorized song you teach the machine to anticipate what you like, and that’s based on your previous history of listening, which are trails.

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