Texting my Dream

To research Pandora’s marketing method and business model compared to traditional radio stations, I won’t be using a specific music channel. Instead I found http://advertising.pandora.com, which lists a number of things that Pandora can do/does as a business. At the very top there’s a place companies can go to apply to advertise on Pandora’s music channels. The rest of the site is similar to a blog, explaining how they capture their listeners with advertisements, and what advertisements to play according to the user’s age, gender, and music preferences. The website also explains how they work with bands and artists to provide tickets and backstage passes to Pandora listeners. Their whole business model is referred to as the “Music Genome Project” to get people to say, “Pandora knows me.” 

This is worth pursuit because this digital phenomenon is completely different than any other Internet radio station. I want to know more about how they implement their business model and the technology behind the entire site. How much of Pandora is carried out by people compared to automatic technology? Is Pandora working to improve the technology so that advertising and the different stations will be controlled solely by technology? I’m also curious to know how much money Pandora makes off of these advertisements and how much employees typically receive.


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