Connections Between Concept Experiences

The concept experience that was almost just like mine was Sarah’s. Both Sarah and I brainstormed questions about our inquiry project, technology, and its effects on people first. Then we started the research and her research process was almost identical to mine in that we found answers to our original questions, learned something new, and questioned something else. Unlike my concept experience, however, Sarah’s linked back around to her inquiry project in the end. I should’ve used what I discovered during the concept experience to relate back to Pandora, like how Pandora can still reach people who suffer from “musical anhedonia” and don’t like music through their comedy channels.

Linaibrahim’s concept experience was different to mine because she started her research on her inquiry topic’s website. I never even thought about starting my research on Pandora’s advertising site, but I probably would’ve come up with some really different questions. This student’s concept experience was similar to mine, though, in that we both finished with new questions and insight that will be useful in the inquiry project. Before my research, I didn’t even think about how Pandora would advertise to people to don’t like music, or if they do at all. Linaibrahim & I both have lots of new subject matter to work with.

Jamie’s blog post was interesting to me because she didn’t start out with a question. This makes me wonder what would’ve happened if I simply Googled ‘Pandora.’ It probably wouldn’t have been as effective because things would’ve came up that aren’t related to the Internet radio station, but it seemed to work for Jamie. Her concept experience led to some really interesting stuff! Out of all of the blogs I read, her blog post went into the most detail about new information. I actually don’t even know her inquiry project topic, but I’m sure she must have found quite a bit of information to jump start her thinking.

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