Dreamers Unite!

I started out in one place and have slowly moved to another. With Pandora, I was first interested in researching the music aspect with the technology behind the many ‘unique’ stations. As I’ve been reading other students’ blogs and taken in the feedback on my work, however, my inquiry project has shifted. I am going to look at Pandora’s marketing methods and business model compared to traditional radio stations. I want to know how Pandora has managed to become so successful and how much of that is related to ads. I want to use the idea of man-computer symbiosis to look at how independent the advertisements are with its audience, or if Pandora’s business model relies mainly on its human employees. It takes me awhile to get all of my thoughts organized and really soak in a whole course-load of information, but by the end of the course I hope to associate everything we’ve read and loop it back into Pandora, along with my own research, to have realized something really substantial. My favorite part of this course is reading other students’ connections on their blogs to jump start my ideas. That being said, I really hope others get ideas from my blog posts as well.

If you’re intrigued by my topic, here’s why you should be:


Being a business, first thing I’m curious about is how Pandora makes money. Sure, through advertisements. But is that it? What about through the $1.99 monthly subscriptions that don’t have advertisements? And how do they pay their employees, or the artists that are being played on the different stations? (If they do that? Gotta research!) And is Pandora more successful than traditional radio stations or not? Popularity doesn’t mean they’re making more money. Also, did you know Pandora uses your age and gender to choose the advertisements they play? That’s mainly why you have to make an account to use Pandora. I’m also curious to know if they take into account your music preferences to choose advertisements. Or how often listeners actually “click on the banner” and leave Pandora to learn more about what’s been advertised. I’m beginning to ramble, but if none of these things interested you or how they could be related to our readings, you’re hard to please. Answers to these questions coming soon ~


One response to “Dreamers Unite!

  1. jmc8qv

    Have you tweeted a link to this post to the main #thoughtvectors group? I’m sure others would love to work on this with you. I had a student last semester do a very similar project with Soundcloud.

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