Questing my Dream

It actually took me a long time to look through other students’ sales pitches and decide if I want to team up with others or not. Finally, I decided that my inquiry project would be much more substantive if I did.


I want to team up with The KahnQuest and his topic, Wikipedia. I Googled ‘Pandora advertising’ to see if there was already a Wikipedia page on the subject and surprisingly there is not. I thought it might be a cool idea to create one by the end of this project; I could assemble all of my research in the same way I’m going to for my inquiry project and create a page for others to research in the future. I also thought it would be interesting to treat his blog like a Wikipedia page, where other students and myself could edit the blog and see what happens. Another, maybe off-the-wall, idea would be to compare Wikipedia’s advertising methods to Pandora’s. They’re different websites entirely, but both remain successful mostly through advertisements.

I also want to join Caffeinated and research how technology will impact our future. She says, “I want to research how technology will impact our future, and whether or not the changes will be positive. This is important, because researching this may give us an idea of what kind of life we can expect to have in the future. I would also like to research the exact kinds of technologies that are being worked on right now so that we will get an even clearer idea.” I think Pandora is the exact type of technology she would like to research. Like her, I’m also curious of where Pandora could go and what impacts that this growing technology could have. As I’ve mentioned in many previous blog posts, I’m curious about the man-computer symbiosis present between Pandora and its listeners and I could really get into this subject with this student.

I’m hesitant to team up with Mirna, but I figured we could see where our collaboration went and could always decide to go separate ways if there’s not a huge connection. She wants to research social media websites in relation to spreading awareness of revolution and uprising. She listed Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube in her sales pitch, but I think Pandora could be a place to research as well. I can’t remember exactly, but I have a feeling that I’ve heard advertisements on Pandora about awareness for some sort of social injustice in the past. Since my inquiry topic in Pandora’s advertising, this might be a perfect fit.


One response to “Questing my Dream

  1. Happy to have a partner in this! Would you actually participate in my Wikipedia-like-blog idea? I thought it was a fun idea but perhaps unrealistic. I also really enjoy your idea of creating a Wikipedia post based on your research by the end of this. I could do a little digging into what goes into a valid and accepted post to help create yours. Looking forward to the ideas!
    PS. <— Am a girl, just for future pronoun-y reference.

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