Connections with Diigo

As I was scanning through the Thought Vectors Diigo, I realized that the students who had participated so far (including myself) had really topic-specific sources. My inquiry topic, for example, is Pandora, and I think about 4 out of my 5 sources had Pandora in its title. As with other students in my section, I could tell who had posted certain links without looking at their name because their sources were also mostly about their topics. This made it hard to bookmark other students’ sources for my personal library, because although I am partnering up with some of them, their sources were too specific to what they are researching. As we continue through this research process, I want to broaden my research so that my ‘party’ and I can make better connections between our topics, as I hope other students will too.


I do think Diigo is perfect for this sort of class, though. As we attempt to collaborate and research on different digital phenomenons, Diigo provides a place to store everyone’s research. This helps other students to get new insights and new ideas on where to look. The tags definitely help to scale down the massive amount of sources that are already there, but it’s difficult to choose a tag or know which tags would be relevant to my project. For some of my sources I tagged ‘technology,’ but as I think about it, each student’s source should have something to do with technology. It becomes an issue of should I be very topic-specific here or broader? It’s probably our best bet to put many many tags, some specific and some not.

Some students’  tags that currently seem to connect with my research: #media, #music, #prosandcons. You’re probably as surprised as I am by this short list, but these are really the only tags that could connect to my research. As I stated before, I think we need to broaden our horizons. So, I found 2 more sources that were not topic-specific and tried to list as many relevant tags as possible to draw many students in.


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