Twitter Reflection

I was a bit late on the conversation, but I managed to find a small group that had some relation to my inquiry project. It was much harder than I thought it would be to find an open participant that had a topic that really resonated with my own.

I found Mariah first because she’s in my section and I had already been interested in collaborating with her. She’s focused on Wikipedia and I was curious to compare Wikipedia’s business model/advertising methods with Pandora’s. It doesn’t exactly mesh with my research, but it’s a start.

Through Mariah I found Maryam. I thought and contemplated and inquired and found no connection between her topic and my own. I am interested in her project, though, and thought it would be a cool idea to follow her on her research journey and find out what she comes up with.

As I read Maryam’s conversation, I saw that she tweeted to Jeremy and got excited to find that he also had a topic in the music business! I read his blog and I think we could already share a lot of sources through Diigo. His topic definitely has the most in common with mine at this point.

It is not surprising to see that there is such a diverse variety of inquiry topics in this course. Although I ended up finding Jeremy through Twitter, I don’t find Twitter to be the best way to interact. This is actually the first time I used Twitter in the class. For one thing, I hate the 140 character limit. We might as well post the links to our blogs and communicate through them. I did begin to follow some more students, though, so hopefully I will grow fonder of Twitter and will be able to share ideas there as well. It is definitely great to have so many means of communication and collaboration in an online course.


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