Friday’s Connections

I’m literally laughing because my nugget and my concept experience came to two different conclusions. In my nugget from Kay and Goldberg’s article, I discussed how Pandora is a form of technology (whereas I previously argued that it isn’t) and it buffers and has glitches just like any other type of technology might. In my “future thoughts” post and Thursday’s reflection, though, I came to the conclusion that Pandora isn’t computerized… I obviously need to revisit my thoughts, but (for now) I think it makes sense to say that Pandora is a form of technology, it’s just controlled by people rather than a computer. Overall I thought our concept experience this week was really helpful because I got to discover new insight on my overall thoughts about Pandora, and I definitely changed my argument after I reflected on the activity.

The KahnQuest’s “future thoughts” were similar to mine because she didn’t see Wikipedia changing too much in 10 years the same way I didn’t see Pandora changing too much. She described how Wikipedia today is pretty much “free information by all, for all” and that motto probably won’t change. In regards to Pandora, I discussed how Pandora is a commodity for the public as well and it’s not going in any direction that the people don’t like. Her reflection was also similar to mine because she changed her direction a bit. Her thesis is now going to focus more on how Wikipedia offers free knowledge and collaboration, and I changed my focus towards how Pandora is technology, though not computerized.

I found Cabouniv200’s post to be really interesting. She talked about how Facebook may have already reached its prime and I hadn’t thought about how some of our topics might not be around anymore in 10 years. Maybe Facebook will end up like Myspace? In her reflection, she decided that she wants to talk about how Facebook keeps people connected. This is sort of similar to mine because I want to look at the relationships between Pandora and technology, and connections between Pandora and its listeners. Overall I think her thesis is going in a pretty neat direction.

Sara’s “future thoughts” really caught my attention because I’m interested in her topic as well and agreed with all of her predictions. It would be really neat, and helpful, if we had to answer some sort of trivia before we used social media or other sites that don’t necessarily augment our intellect. Perhaps advertisements on Pandora could become brain games and quizzes that needed to be answered correctly before listening to music. But as Sara mentioned, people are lazy and might criticize this type of advancement. This relates to my future thoughts because I concluded that Pandora would not do anything that the public didn’t favor, and something like this (although beneficial to us all) will probably not happen.

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