Inquiry Project Beta

Here is my first draft. At this point I’m a little uneasy about my introduction and conclusion. I’m terrible at those things. I’m actually very happy with my argument, though, and probably won’t change anything unless I receive feedback that I should. I’m a little under the word count, but I’d rather be under and have a good argument, than add words just to fill up space. Also, I’m not 100% sure if my citations are correct (for APA).


One response to “Inquiry Project Beta

  1. I think you had a nice, simple intro. You got to the point quickly and introduced your topic. Perhaps if you were looking to take it a little deeper, define a “problem” or debate, as the groupthink assignment asks me to analyze. For instance, what are the implications of internet radio being humanized vs technological?

    Good use of Licklider, that was the perfect source to introduce your topic. I think your use of sources in general was good, with direct links to your topic. I especially love How Stuff Works, so yay! (also john green gif!)

    So I think this is a really good research paper, as in I learned a lot about how Pandora works and how this relates to our dreamers’ thoughts on technology. However I’m still struggling to see a “problem” or argument.
    Great use of multimedia images!

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