Inquiry Project Beta

Here is my first draft. At this point I’m a little uneasy about my introduction and conclusion. I’m terrible at those things. I’m actually very happy with my argument, though, and probably won’t change anything unless I receive feedback that I should. I’m a little under the word count, but I’d rather be under and have a good argument, than add words just to fill up space. Also, I’m not 100% sure if my citations are correct (for APA).

Real Estate Search


After browsing around at my other options, I’ve decided to continue to use WordPress and create a second site on here for my Inquiry Project. I’ve become comfortable with WordPress and I don’t want to waste time on another site trying to figure out how to add links and media. I know how I want my finished display to look, and I have control over how to do that with WordPress’ setup. I feel that my final project, with links, pictures, and gifs, will look really good on WordPress so I’d like to stick around right here. 🙂

First Annual State of the Blog Address


My fellow Americans,

We gather here today to address the first half of this course so far. We have struggled as a nation, academically and economically, but I truly see a bright future ahead for all of us with red, white, and blue skies. The inquiry project was a new reform to us all, and I am a proud American when I see how we have all progressed on our own paths. I, myself, have developed an intriguing venture of sources and connections. The content on technology that our new media dreamers gave to our nation inspired me to research into new affairs on my topic. With this change of research, I discovered new information that ultimately led me to where I am now. I could not have formed the relationships between my topic and the new media dreamers without these substantive outside sources. My project and its many ideas are certainly not done, though, and I will not let any of you down as I finish out my term in the last few weeks. If the Internet continues to be easy to work with, I promise to provide a thorough inquiry project that will give powerful comparisons on my topic with my independent sources and our well-known dreamers. I would like to thank Dr. Coats, especially, for being patient and understanding with me as I endure this position. His feedback has helped me to ensure that I am on the right path, and I am capable of creating a great final product with this topic.

God Bless Amurica